The Story behind idealweek

My name is Cam, I'm the founder of idealweek. I'm a true Vietnamese. Yes, I was born in Vietnam, grew up in Vietnam and still be here, in Vietnam :). I was a developer, a team lead for several companies for 10 years before starting with idealweek. The idea of creating an application that allows me to quickly take note of any idea and plan for it later time was developed 3 years ago when I was a team lead for Atlassian.

I hadn't thought that I could make a product by myself until I joined the company's ShipIt. It was a great 24-hours with all effort to create anything I wanted to do. After shipping, I realized that I am capable of doing any product that I want. And I'm sure so you are. However, I was working for the company 8 hours per day, 5 days per week; how could I possibly do that? The eagerness to challenge myself pushed me to find a way to do that in my spare time.

I had searched for guidance, software, websites for how to efficiently manage my time and plan my week. I found "How to better Control Your Time by designing Your Ideal Week" from Michael Hyatt. That was a great start, but reality needs something more details more dynamic than just a fixed schedule and static focus. I also found Week Plan, a great application for task management, but lacking time management. Moreover, I found several time-tracking applications like Toggle. In the end, I couldn't imagine how to use all those applications for my need.

The lack of an existing application that would allow me to manage all my goals, provide the ability to plan my week focusing on top goals and show me the report on my week costs me 2 years of unable to do any great thing for myself. And it would cost me more and more until one day, which turned my life into a new direction. That was the day, I was rushing to Da Nang to see my cousin for the last time. He was extremely weak. I left all the things behind to catch the flight as soon as I could. However, I have missed that last meet even though we both tried hard. He died because of liver cancer after 9 months knowing he had it.

I truly realized the simple fact that life is too short. It is long enough for a human to live in this world, but it is too short for those who still have many dreams to do. So I made the decision: started doing something great for me.

idealweek is my first great thing I'm doing for myself and I would like to share it with everyone else who is also looking for it. And I'm sure I will have many other great things later...

No such thing as spare time,
no such thing as free time,
no such thing as down time.
All you got is life time.
                           -- Henry Rollins

Cam Hoang

Founder of

Ho Chi Minh city

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