What is idealweek?

tldr; idealweek is the word made from "ideal week" (with space between. I called the application as idealweek because its purpose is to help everyone achieving ideal weeks and currently the domain name system does not allow space within.

What is an ideal week?

It's hard to define an ideal week which fits everyone because everybody has a unique life and dream. However, an ideal week is the week that anyone wants to have most. It could be the week that you spent most of the time with your family. It could be the week that you have done a great thing for yourself. It could be the week that you had a joyful vacation...

I would say that an ideal week is a week that you feel happy about what have been done.

How to have an ideal week?

I'm an Agile believer and I believe in human, not machine. So in order to have an ideal week, people should do it by themselves by defining, planning and commit to achieving it. I don't think any machine or software could earn an ideal week for anyone. But what a machine or software could do is helping us to get the ideal week easier and more convenience.

Not anything is easy, so the time management, so the ideal week; but it does not mean impossible. I do think with our nature of continuous learning and improving, having ideal weeks is achievable. And here are a few things that people should be aware:

  • Human has limitations. We all have one brain, two eyes, two ears, two hand and two legs; that means we cannot do all the thing. So the first thing that people should do in order to have ideal weeks is STOP doing everything!. Yes, researching shows that our brain cannot actually process two opposing thoughts simultaneously without loss of quality on both streams. So please focus your brain on a single objective and gain the best you can.

  • 20% of your effort will yield 80% result. Yes, that is Pareto principle. So instead of spending your effort to do many things, try to focus on your top priorities, your most important goals.

  • The problem is you think you have time. Time is our most valuable assets and it's limited. Every single second or minute passed through your life and it never comes back. Whatever you are trying to do, it just consumes more and more time. So you have two options: reactive to what will come and adjust yourself to best fit it or proactive plan what you want to do on your time.

  • As time passes, things change every day. It's true for your goals, your advantages, your dream, your day. So in order to be on the right track, you must stop and review, evaluate the path you are moving on to make sure you aim to the right direction.

the ideal week is not a destination, it's a journey.


What idealweek can do for you?

  • Never miss any of your brilliant ideas or important things. Adding a goal is so much easy and managing goals with pleasant.

  • Your goals are always available to you and keep your focus on those most important ones.

  • Plan when and how long you want to reserve your time for a goal. Easy to adjust your plan according to the reality.

  • Get notified when your allotted time comes.

  • Reports are available anytime so that you can stop and review.

idealweek won't be able to gain your ideal weeks but is your right assistant.

Cam Hoang

Founder of idealweek.net

Ho Chi Minh city https://idealweek.net

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